All Standard Housings fitted with Felt Seals

• except SAFM, SD, & AW

Exceptions fitted with Labyrinth Type

• TS - Type for Split Housings ( eg SD )
• LS - Type for Solid Housings (eg WB )

Suffixes - Seal Code & Type
TC Felt Seal
TS Labyrinth Seal - Split Type
TA U Ring Seal
TST Split Taconite Seal
LS Labyrinth Seal - Solid Type
LST Solid Taconite Seal
A Closed Cover
B Open Cover

PREFIXES FOR SSN - SAFM Type Housing only
T Two Bolt Base
F Four Bolt Base

[ Example: FSAFM 522 TST is a SAFM 522 with Four Bolt Base and Taconite Seal ]

SG Higher Grade Steel
SSN Built Out of SG Type Iron double the weight of SN